Sunday, July 24, 2011

Making Mitzi

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Making Mitzi

Mitchell thinks life is good. He's the director of a large firm in one of the largest cities in the country. Things couldn't possibly be better.

Not until Cassandra, that is. Platinum blonde and pink-lipped, she saunters into his world like a green-eyed snake, suffocating him before he even realizes he was prey.

He soon finds himself hopelessly caught as the young heiress changes his looks, his clothes and his name and forces him into the most horrifying thrill ride of his life.

Book Excerpt:

"In this, one of the largest cities in the world, limousines are as common as dandelions in a meadow, but something about the slick, almost-pearlescent white paint on the model at the curb before me drew my eye. As I watched, mesmerized as a moth is by the deadly flame, the door opened a crack and one smooth, pink stiletto-heeled foot emerged, setting lightly onto the curb as a mote settles in a sunbeam. I gazed, transfixed, as its mate took its place beside it, perfect ankles touching as their owner emerged from the dark cocoon of the air conditioned interior.

My eyes took in the sight of those legs, soft as satin and kissed by the sun, as the woman rounded the door, leaving it open behind her for her driver to close. Her head was crowned with delicate white-gold curls that spilled voluminously over breasts pressed tightly into a flowing candy pink top. Long, feminine fingers led a pure white fox on a thin gold chain at her feet. I swallowed heavily as she popped her bubblegum with that perfect crimson-lipped mouth. Though her eyes were covered by dark sunglasses, my shaking knees knew that they were trained on mine.

And I could have sworn that she could smell my fear."

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